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Pedestrian Struck, Killed by Stolen Fire Engine

Obvious Mental Case

A NAKED MAN JUMPED INTO A PORT ROYAL, South Carolina, fire engine Friday afternoon around 4 pm and drove off in a mad, crash-filled journey that killed one person and wrecked six other vehicles.

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The engine was parked in front of an apartment building while the firefighters were inside tending an emergency medical patient when the man drove off with the engine at a high rate of speed.  After plowing through an intersection and crashing into six cars and trucks, he careened farther where he struck a pedestrian who was walking down the sidewalk alongside his brother.  The impact killed the pedestrian immediately and caused the fire engine to veer off into a wooded area where it crashed into a tree, heavily damaging the firetruck.

Lottie Campenella / WSAT-TV 
(no explanation given why the tree is being laddered.)

The Charleston Post and Courier continues:

"I've never seen a fire truck come out of nowhere like that," (one witness) said. "The truck didn't have its lights on. I knew it wasn't a fireman behind the wheel. It was faster than I've ever seen any fire truck go, and I've seen my fair share of fire trucks."

The collision with the pedestrian appears to have caused the man to lose control of the fire truck. It crashed into a wooded area between a Dollar General store and a nearby bowling alley, authorities said. The crash badly damaged the truck and trapped the man inside, Beaufort Police Deputy Chief Dale McDorman said.

When a Beaufort County paramedic and two Beaufort police officers tried to free the man from the wreckage, the suspect began fighting them, McDorman said. The man was then subdued, arrested and taken to Beaufort Memorial Hospital for treatment of injuries sustained in the crash, McDorman said. The officers and the paramedic also were taken to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries they suffered during the scuffle.

There has been no information released yet on who the madman is or where he came from to seemingly appear out of nowhere while naked.

WSAV-TV filed this video report from the scene:


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