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Family Pinned Under Boat in Shopping Center

Caused by Geezer in Pickup

A FAMILY FROM WISCONSIN WERE VISITING the Opry Mills shopping complex in Nashville, Tennessee, Friday afternoon when they were struck and pinned by a boat.  The three people, two middle-aged people and their grown son, were exiting the Bass Pro Shop at 12:20 pm and walking by a sport boat on display in its trailer outside just as a Ford pickup truck was careening across the lot heading right for the same boat.

Later the 73-yr.-old driver of the pickup told that his foot had gotten "stuck in the accelerator" and he was unable to stop as the truck hopped the curb and crashed into same boat, knocking it into the folks from Wisconsin and leaving them pinned between it and the wall. 


WSMV-TV explains further:

Police say the driver, Charles Gillespie, 73, of Illinois, lost control of a Ford truck when his foot got caught on the accelerator.

Gillespie tells News Channel 4 he was visiting Nashville with a friend. That friend had just ran (sic) inside the store and Gillespie got in the driver's seat of the Ford 150. Gillespie says he just couldn't get his foot on the brake.


The Ford struck a boat, which was on display outside near the front entrance to the store.

"He hit the boat at a pretty high rate of speed and the boat went up in the air," Metro Police Spokeswoman Kris Mumford said.

Police said the Ferge family was walking out the front door and became pinned by the boat for about 20 minutes.

Mary Ferge, 56; David Ferge, 57; and Jason Ferge, 34 were transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center for treatment. Mrs. Ferge suffered the worst injuries. But police say her injuries are not life threatening.

The responding paramedics went to work on the three victims while Nashville FD units jacked the boat up and safely removed it from the them.


The driver was cited for failure to exercise due care.

WSMV also has the details posted HERE and has posted this video report:


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