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Morning Lineup – March 1

Thursday Morning – Spring's A-comin'

When you get to a month that starts with the letter "March," then you know that Spring is right around the corner.  Unfortunately for some, Spring brings more that flower buds and tree blossoms.  It also generates some really wicked weather and the past two days have demonstrated that with some severe storms and tornadoes throughout the mid-west.  The small city of Branson, Missouri, took quite a beating Tuesday and is of particular concern for many people because it is a highly-visited resort and entertainment center.  But many other areas in the Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri triad were slammed as well and we wish all of them the best with our prayers for a quick recovery.

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Dave Statter has another update on the situation in Prince George's County, Maryland, where 7 firefighters were injured/burned in a house fire last week.  Dave's been keeping close coverage on the story each day including yesterday's announcement that the fire was an arson.  The most severely burned firefighter, Kevin O'Toole will have his second round of skin grafts today.  CLICK HERE to catch this latest update on STATter911.

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That tragic story about the missing firefighter from Seminole County, Florida, Jerry Perdomo is quickly wrapping up amidst an earlier mystery of his actions.  When he failed to show up for work one day last month, the search began that led to Maine where it turned out he had a second life that involved a girl friend, a drug ring and some controversial financial transactions.  Eyebrows were raised last week when a man was arrested and charged for murdering Perdomo when he had still not been located.  Now his body has been discovered and the whole scheme is collapsing.

Rhett Fleitz, the Fire Critic has been following the strange tale with updates and reports  HERE.   Follow the links in the article to get the earlier postings with initial activities.

FirefighterNation has the latest news report on the discovery HERE.

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Those of you who follow and note Engineer Sam's monthly recall notices will want to refer back to this Monday's posting because he has added one more notice in an update.  CLICK HERE to check back for it.

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Today's Lineup turned out to be an "update" edition.  We have more things to talk about this morning, but they will be posted separately in a little while, so we had better get busy with the equipment check and I'll get more coffee started.  See you back in the day room shortly.

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