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Updated: Geezer Meth Lab Blows Up, Burns Nursing Home

As the Hippie Generation Starts the Slide Into Dementia….

Updated, Monday 11 pm:  Videos and additional photos, information added.

AN EXPLOSION AND FIRE in an Ashtabula, Ohio, nursing home Sunday night has been blamed on a meth lab that was cooking in a room that had several visitors in it.


Staff and residents alike were shaken by the explosion that rocked the 2nd floor of the Park Haven Nursing Home and started a fire in one of the rooms.  Two men were injured or burned in the blast and had to be transported to the hospital.  On Monday it was announced that one of the men had died.  Update:  The fatality has been identified as Shawn Warrens, 31.

Ashtabula firefighters advance a hose line into the nursing home.
(Star Beacon photo)

The Ashtabula Star Beacon describes the acitivity:

Ashtabula, Ashtabula Township and Saybrook Township fire departments responded to the call on Park Avenue after two or three men were "engulfed" in flames on the building’s second floor, nurse Deanna Bigley said.

"I was taking a break and I looked through the window and I saw an explosion of fire," she said. "There was this guy and he was engulfed in flames. One of our residents put him out, but then the fire started up and he had to be put out again."

Bigley said the men in room 18 — where the fire started — were visitors.

Ashtabula Fire Dept. photo

All of the nurses and staff went right to work getting all 38 residents evacuated and the getting blankets to keep them warm in the freezing outdoors.  The firefighters were able to knock the fire down quickly and there was no extension in the building.  None of the residents were injured or transported.  Other than the two visitors, the only other transport was  Fire officials say that five people were transported including a pregnant nurse who kept on evacuating the residents with the building filling up with smoke.  She was just sent to the hospital to be checked and was apparently ok.

WOIO-TV filed this video report:


(If the video player does not show up on your monitor, CLICK HERE to view it.)

It was reported that the building is sprinklered and that contained the fire.

Following an investigation into the blaze, the fire marshal said that the explosion was caused by a meth lab in the room.

Fox TV Ch. 8 interviews Fire Chief Ron Pristera in this video report and he describes their reaction when the found the remains of a meth lab in the room HERE.


The Star Beacon has more details HERE.

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