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Supercars Sizzle in Paris Garage – did a Ferrari spark the inferno?

"May burn all night"













Photo from Business Insider: Europe

18:45 08 MAR 2012

(AGI) Paris – A fire has broken out in Place Vendome in Paris which is now enveloped in a cloud of back smoke. News was reported by the on-line edition of 20minutes which informed that the fire appears to have started in the nearby Hotel Ritz underground parking lot. Fire fighters contacted by the press are present but did not provide any details. An official has confirmed that the fire began underground and that Rue de la Paix has been closed to all traffic seems to have control of the story

Their last update:

Update 5 8pm CET: Paris Fire Department says it may take them all night to get the fire completely under control. We fear a majority of the cars parked in level -2 has to be considered a loss. The extreme heat and smoke is likely to have caused damage to vehicles parked on other levels as well.

Update 9: Our local reporter Alex just spoke to a friend who works at the garage. He stated the parking is closed down completely at least until tomorrow. At least 40 cars caught fire and have yet to be evacuated. The authorities are worried the structure of the parking might have been compromised by the fire, so they called the architects of the project to check the structural integrity.

Click: Place Vendome Garage Full of Supercars on Fire in Paris for updates.


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