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Magnesium Fire in Ohio

Protect Exposures & Let it Burn

A MAGNESIUM FIRE PRESENTED THE BELLEVUE, OHIO, firefighters with an unusual challenge Tuesday morning when they responded to the MagReTech factory across the road from the Bellevue Hospital.

Fox8 News

On arrival they found several truck trailers on fire with a report that at least four of them contained magnesium scraps.  WTOL-TV Ch. 11 Cleveland adds:

The cause is still under investigation but fire crews do have a theory.  "Some of the people in the plant seem to think that maybe lightning struck at the time. It's a possibility. We did have some good storms last night. We'll have the state fire marshall do his investigation and if that's what he determines then he'll call that," said Chief Brian Putnam of the Bellevue Fire Department.

Putnam expects this fire to smolder for a few more days.

WEWS-TV filed a video report from the scene:


They are also taking into account that rainwater pouring into the burning trailers was intensifying the fire.  Immediately after the fire started, several plant employees began towing trailers away from the fire zone, successfully removing 15-20 of them from imminent fire spread.

Shortly after noon today the fire was marked contained and under control.

WKYC-TV has posted some raw video from the fire scene:


The Freemont News-Messenger has more details HERE.

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