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Fire Chief’s Murdering Wife Arraigned

Becky's First Court Appearance

REBECCA BRYAN OF MUSTANG, Oklahoma, was arraigned last week on charges that she murdered her husband Keith Bryan, Fire Chief of Nichols Hills Fire Department, last September 20.

Keith Bryan  (KOCO-TV)

On September 21 Firegeezer carried the story of the surprising murder of Chief Bryan by what was initially reported by his wife as having been committed by a man who walked into their house and shot Bryan in the head and then left.  Read the early reports HERE and HERE for the background on the crime.  All of the initial information was provided by his wife Rebecca ("Becky").

Two days later, Rebecca was arrested at a motel where she was staying and charged with first-degree murder of her husband.  Read the Firegeezer report on the turn of events leading to her arrest HERE.

Rebecca Bryan before September 20 (left) and after.

Her first court appearance was held last Wednesday when she was arraigned in Canadian County District Court.  During the hearing the court took testimony from four witnesses.  Excerpts from the four testimonies as published in the The Oklahoman follow:

  1. After the shooting, (Debbie) Proctor said Rebecca Bryan called her and asked her to come over.

    On the way to the hospital to check on Keith Bryan, Proctor testified that Rebecca Bryan showed the people in the car a picture of another man's penis on her phone. She testified that Bryan told them she had sex with the man, one of her real estate clients, earlier that day and felt guilty because of the shooting.

  2. Bryan also showed them a text message she sent to a former lover about inheriting a significant amount of money soon and moving to Hugo.

    The man, identified as Mark Holbrook, testified that Bryan also called him three hours before the shooting. He said the last time he spoke to her before the shooting was in February 2011. The night of the shooting she called him and he hung up on her, he said.

    (He admitted that he had a 1-year affair with Rebecca that ended prior to the shooting.)

  3. Mustang police officer James Davis testified Wednesday that he approached Rebecca Bryan in the garage after the 911 call, and she started talking to him about a burglary case he worked in the past rather than telling him details about the shooting.

    Davis said he had to ask Bryan where her husband was. "I had to ask her to take me to him," he said.

  4. Mustang Detective Camie McNeil testified Wednesday that Rebecca Bryan was also laughing at the scene.

    McNeil testified she was collecting gunshot residue and Bryan thought it was funny.

    "Bryan said she watches ‘CSI' and knows all about this stuff," McNeil said.

Read the full article including more details from the testimonies in The Oklahoman HERE.

In order to provide more time for the state to question more witnesses, the judge continued the hearing until April 4.

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