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Morning Lineup – March 23

Friday Morning – Let's Go to the Videotape

This will be a brief Lineup this morning because we have a lot of projects waiting for some quick action, and I need to get busy.  But first I want to pass along a couple of video updates.  Yesterday we posted an intriguing video shot from a private auto's dash cam showing a spectacular car vs. truck crash on a snowy highway (see posting HERE).  I admitted that I did not know when or where it took place, but not surprisingly one of our regular readers does know the particulars and posted the basic background of the incident in the Comments section.  I was particularly interested in the reason why so many people in that country are driving around with dash cams running on routine highway trips.  But it makes sense.  Click over and read his explanation.

In other video news, I want to drift over to our colleague Dave Statter's blog, STATter911 and his recent posting of the firefighters dressed in women's ball gowns while putting out a vehicle fire up in Minnesota (HERE).  The video itself became a world-wide novelty and CNN's charter reporter Jeannie Moos, who covers cultural and human interest stories, filed a follow-up that includes some humorous interviews with the strapless-gown-firefighters.  Take a few minutes to CLICK HERE and get some good chuckles this morning.  (It's the first of the two videos, at the top of the page.)

We'd should also engage the happy chore of getting this equipment checked out now.  I'm already smiling just thinking about the coffee that will be pouring out of the Bunn-O-Matic in a few minutes.  See you back in the day room in a little while. 

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