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Downtown Fire in Maine

"….the heart of our downtown is gone"

A FAST-MOVING FIRE IN FORT KENT, MAINE, destroyed two buildings and damaged several others Sunday morning on Main Street in the center of the downtown shopping district. 

Bangor Daily News

The primary loss, and likely point of origin, was the landmark building housing a furniture store and flooring company.  The Nadeau's House of Furniture structure was built in 1880 and is in most of the historic photos that you see of Fort Kent, according to the Town Manager.

By a Providential bit of luck for the occupants of the 2nd-floor apartments over the fire buildings, a city employee was in back of the building around midnight to check on a water control pump when he spotted the fire.  After reporting it, he and two police officers began alerting and evacuating the residents who all got out safely with literally just minutes to spare.

Bangor Daily News

The fire raced through the furniture store and had it on the ground in about 20 minutes according to the fire department.  It had already spread to the side B exposure and was threatening a third building when the firefighters set up a defense to contain it and keep it from running the block.  Another building behind the furniture store was heavily damaged and several stores across the street had windows break and signs melt from the intense heat.

Eight other fire departments from Maine and New Brunswick assisted Fort Kent FD in the suppression.

The Bangor Daily News has the full story plus a video of the fire HERE.

Google Street View of the furniture store

Hat tip:  Mark Donovan

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