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Meth Lab Nursing Home Shut Down

Missing Some Due Care and Diligence

THE NOTORIOUS PARK HAVEN NURSING HOME in Ashtabula, Ohio, has relocated all its patients and closed its doors for business on Friday.  The Park Haven came to international attention when, on Sunday March 4, an illicit meth lab blew up on the 2nd floor of the 39-patient facility.  The blast and brief fire killed one person and injured six others, one of them a resident..  See the Firegeezer video report on the initial blast and fire dispatch HERE.


Following the fatal accident, state and Federal agencies of all descriptions descended on the facility wanting to know why this illegal and highly-dangerous practice was allowed to go on undetected.  The inspection swarm uncovered a list of other violations of code pertaining to fire safety, hygiene, and nursing care regulations.

The State began immediate procedings to suspend the Medicare provider agreement with Park Haven and the onslaught was more than the business could withstand.  Instead of attempting to salvage their licenses and appeal the decisions against them, the owner decreed that the home would help find other facilities for the patients and close up business by the end of March.

The Ashtabula Star Beacon adds:

The state was in the process of revoking Park Haven’s license after a methamphetamine fire earlier this month killed one man and injured six others, Ohio Department of Health officials said last week.

Community Care Ambulance transported the facility’s 33 residents to other area nursing homes, including Carrington Park in Ashtabula and Lake Pointe Nursing Center in Conneaut, sources said.

The owner of the facility, Beatrice Knowlson of Ashtabula, could not be reached for comment. No one answered the phone or the door late Friday afternoon at Park Haven. There were no vehicles in the parking lot.

The Council on Aging reported the facility planned to be shut down before the end of the month. According to the website, more than 50 employees will lose their jobs with the facility’s closure.

The Ashtabula Fire Department determined that the fire was the result of the explosion of an illegal one-bottle, "shake and bake" meth lab operation evidently conducted by the fire victim, a non-resident.

Ashtabula Fire Dept. photo

Read the entire article HERE.

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