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Morning Lineup – March 25

Sunday Morning – Winners and Losers

Let's start off the new week talking about the Winners first.  The 3rd Annual Fire & EMS Blogs of the Year Contest has been concluded and the winners have been announced.  The contest was co-sponsored by FireRescue1, EMS1, and  There were more than 80 nominations received (Wow!  I didn't know there were that many blogs out there) and the entries were separated into two groups, Fire-oriented and EMS.  Each category was eligible for two awards, Readers' Choice where vote count determined the outcome, and Judges' Choice where the judges used a pre-determined criteria to select their own Best-of winners.  And those four winning entries are:

A big Congratulations to the deserving winners from Firegeezer.

We recommend that you CLICK HERE to see the listing of all 80+ entries that were submitted because all of them are linked to their respective websites and you can do some quality surfing to find some additional resources for your enlightenment.

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Over on the "Losers" side of today's journal, a few readers have pointed out to us an action taken earlier this past week in northwest Ohio where the Sylvania Township has filed a $1.2 million lawsuit against fire engine builder KME Kovatch.  Using Ohio's "lemon law" as the basis for the suit, they are complaining about three KME engines that they purchased in 2009 and have been nothing but constant problems mechanically since then.

All three pumpers have had issues with sirens, warning lights, pump controllers and other equipment. Other problems have included electrical failures, pieces falling off and a blown diesel engine.  WTOL-TV in Toledo covered the story in this video report:


You can read the details HERE.

Now let's tend to our own details and get our equipment checked out.  I am heading for the Bunn-O-Matic to get more coffee going before we meet back in  the day room

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