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First Arriving Network

Firegeezer revealed … 5 years of working online with Bill

"We also feel its important to provide positive information to the public in an effort to support
fire service operations,especially when budgets are under constant attack. 
Thank you for all you do!"

Secrets of the Firegeezer

Congratulations to Bill Schumm!

Who knew?

I was a truck company officer when I first worked with Bill. At almost every line-up, Captain II Schumm would have a interesting or weird story that was fire related.

Most of the in-station training classes delivered by the Captain included an interesting story or factoid. Some reflected his interest in history or architecture, other items from his experience working at the busiest station in the county

Some of the factoids or recommended practices in the Fire Officer textbook came from Bill.

Checking the attic

For example, Bill always required that the attic be checked on every call, regardless of the nature of the emergency.

His goal was for the crews to understand the diversity and surprises found in attics, before we had to operate in a high heat, low-visibility situation. Based on a near-miss when he worked on The Highway.

A large part of the district was filled with houses built during World War II. Many had balloon frame features. By the 1980s almost  all of them were converted to living spaces.

Sweating the Details

Bill approaches his blog like a farmer.

Obsessive attention to daily page views. Experiments with different features. Tries to make it rain.

We are always amazed, and appreciative, of who regularly reads the blog.












photo by Mike Legeros (c) 2011

"Is this a marital aid?"

The first time Bill rented a booth at Firehouse Expo, most of the attendees thought we were selling some supplement for ancient firefighters.

By the third year, most of them were fans, almost more than those coming to serve STATter911 with a summons or threat.

Thanks to all that have made this journey memorable!

The next five years will be more exciting.

Mike "FossilMedic" Ward

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