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Kansas City Council Votes to Slash FD Budget

Chose to Ignore Fire Chief's Warnings

THE KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI, COUNCIL cast their final vote on the next fiscal year budget Thursday night and passed the bill including the city manager's request for a $7.6 million reduction to the fire department.  After going through the charade of taking testimony and "considering" alternatives, they approved the budget without specifying what will be reduced in the FD.  However, the city manager and mayor have been insisting that it will be achieved by laying off 105 firefighters, preferably by reducing the minimum staffing of every engine from four to three.

City Manager Schulte  (K. C. Star)

For the background and details of these negotiations, be sure to review the earlier Firegeezer reports on these plans HERE and HERE.

As we pointed our earlier, most of these cuts are not savings, but instead being used to give employees in other agencies pay raises.  This new budget sets aside $5 million to fund raises for police officers.  Another $5 million will go to raises for other city employess, but none for firefighters.  The mayor's office budget will be getting a $675,000 increase to hire more people for his fiefdom.

KSHB-TV reported from council chambers last night with this video report:


The Kansas City Star has the STORY HERE.

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