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Explosion, Fire in German Chemical Plant

Flames 300 ft. High

A CHEMICAL PLANT IN AN INDUSTRIAL PARK IN MARL, Germany, had an explosion-like event Saturday afternoon that started a large fire.


The blast at the Evonic chemical company took place in an area where CDT is produced, a component in many specialty plastics.  The explosion occurred around 2:15 pm and immediately released a fireball and leaving flames estimated to be 100 metres high.

The fire brigades have over 100 firefighters at the scene. (photo by Schaper)

A yet-unknown number of people have been injured, some seriously and one person was found dead by firefighters later into the operation.  Three people were initially reported missing, but two of them turned up at their homes and the third was later located.


An early estimate indicates that it might have been a boiler that blew up starting the fire, but what caused it is not known yet.  The event is still going and no further information is available yet.

Bild has the early STORY.
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