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Five numbers with no Powerball = mad money. Mike plans a hot rod four door Mustang.

161 ticket holders won $250,000 each

Nine people who bought tickets in Virginia and Maryland were a PowerBall short of the jackpot, but got enough of a prize to have serious fun.

I am planning to be one of the first owners of a four-door Mustang GT.











(c) Theophilus Chin / Chris Doane Automotive photo

Then have Kenny Brown Performance install a Class III package.

No buyer's remorse this time!

I was seriously considering buying a Kenny Brown Panther, a supercharged supercar that looked like an unmarked Crown Vic police cruiser. Inspired by the 1998 Car and Driver "Lounge Lizard" project car. (article HERE)

In a 2003 follow-up article by Larry Niven, Kenny Brown Marauder S: Ford lobs one into the aftermarket, and Kenny Brown hits it outta the park, we get a feel for the impact of the Lounge Lizard project car:

It's fitting that Brown is the orchestrator of this Marauder transformation. He was the original sculptor of the Lounge Lizard C/D project car (November 1998), a supercharged, blacked-out version of the Crown Victoria (Ford's version of the Mercury Grand Marquis) that we believe was the forerunner to the Marauder.

Since we published the Lounge Lizard story, Brown has built 35 similar cars …

For the Lizard and its SOHC 16-valve V-8 engine, Brown used a Roots-type supercharger that is sold by Ford—through Ford Racing—and sits in the vee of the engine.

Spent the Monday of 2003 FDIC week at the Indianapolis shop trying out their "work car."

It was almost a religious experience.











Went back that summer to check out a customer car that was similar to what I wanted. 

Met with an Indianapolis Ford dealer to order the proper base vehicle, a 2004 LX in Dark Toreador Red Clearcoat Metallic with a Medium Parchment interior.

Got cold feet – over $50,000 for a car.

Ten years and a lottery ticket later …

The four-door Mustang GT with a Kenny Brown Class III package is the closest I can get to recreating that experience.

thanks to Nick Kurczewicki at Road & Track online for the scoop on the new Mustang:

2014 Ford Mustang Sedan – First Look. New 4-door Mustang sedan may also be available as a Boss 302.

Mike "FossilMedic" Ward














Update – the four door Mustang may carry the "Falcon" name plate

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