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Moving to the New Station

Firegeezer notes:  As you know, we have loyal readers all around the world including our cousins in public safety, police officers.  One of those is Police Prefect Captain Choong Li-Kari in Whung Lo Province of China.  He sent us this friendly email and I am more than happy to pass it along for your enlightenment.

The Whung Lo police recently moved from an old and cramped building into a new station and their moving day was documented on a video that Captain Li-Kari has shared with us.  Since we also have the occasional relocation activity, this video may prove helpful in your plans if the need ever arises.  So learn and enjoy.

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Most Honorable Firegeezerman,

I wish you this information of our recent day of moving. Our station of police is very old building and needs new one.

I am happy to explain to you that our new lovely police station is ready for us and yesterday was memorable moving day.

Our esteemed chief of police sent order at 08.00 to take everything from desks and prepare be to move everything to new station at 09.00.

Proud we are to say that all was ready at 08.49 and at precisely 09.00 we move with official video camera taking picture. I like to share this great job with you.  It begin with motorcycle escort and champion S.W.A.T. team buses.




Most sincerely and affectionately,
Prefect Captain Choong Li-Kari

Congratulations to you, Captain.
Thanks to Mark D. for the video prep.

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