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Breaking: Navy Jet Crashes Into Virginia Beach Apartment

Early Information – Still Sketchy

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Early videos now posted.

A NAVY FIGHTER JET FROM OCEANA Naval Air Station has gone down in Virginia Beach, Virginia, shortly after 12 noon Eastern.  It was an F/A-18 Hornet, a 2-seater training plane.  Early reports say that the two pilots were able to eject before the crash.

UPDATE:  CNN is live-streaming from the scene HERE.

photo by Kara Mitchell / WTKR-TV

It has just been confirmed that the plane has partially struck an apartment building and the fire department is battling a 2-alarm fire at the site.


The plane had just taken off from the airfield at 12:05 when it went down.

WAVY-TV / Mayo

WAVY-TV / Randolph

The effect of the crash has involved at least four apartment buildings, perhaps five.


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WAVY-TV is now live-streaming HERE.

Both pilots have been transported for non-life threatening injuries.

UPDATE, SATURDAY MORNING – Read the latest updated report on Firegeezer HERE.

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