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Thoughtful Firefighter Leaves Tip After Robbing Bank

He's Really a Nice Guy

DALLAS, TEXAS, FIREFIGHTER JESUS VENTURA, 37, is being held in jail following a day's adventure with his bravado and backpack as he travelled around holding up a bank and a gas station.


According to reports, Ventura walked into a Chase Bank Tuesday and, after asking to use the restroom, walked up to a teller and said, "I hate to do this to you, but I need you to give me all your money."  After repeating the demand several times, the teller shoved $1,900 across the counter and as he was loading his backpack, he pushed a $20 bill back under the glass saying, "Here is a tip for you."

From the bank he traveled down the street to a Valero gas station and tried the same routine, but the police interrupted the act.  KSN-TV Ch. 3 continues:

Officers recovered the black backpack containing the money from the Chase Bank robbery.

In an initial appearance in front of a federal judge on Wednesday, Ventura told the court he has bipolar disorder, anxiety and depression and has been off his medication.

When asked for his address, Ventura repeatedly gave the judge his birthdate instead of the accurate information.

The bank is just a couple of blocks away from Dallas Fire-Rescue station 45 where his is assigned.  However, he has been on paid leave from the FD following an incident in March where he fired off a round from his semi-automatic pistol inside the firehouse.  [Just the kind of guy you like to take with you to fires and other emergencies….Ed.]

KENS-TV has more details about Ventura's woes in this video report:


Ventura is still on admin. leave, and still getting his paychecks from the Dallas citizens.

The Dallas Morning News has MORE.

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