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Bus Tumbles Onto Railroad Track in France

Eight Injured – Three Seriously

A TRANSIT BUS IN MARSEILLE, FRANCE, collided with an auto Saturday night at an intersection.  The impact forced the bus over a 10-metre (33-ft.) embankment where it landed on a railroad track.


The accident took place around 8 pm and immediately the word went to shut down the rail traffic.  Nine ambulances and 44 firefighters from the Navy fire brigade in Marseille responded to the scene.

Eight people on the bus were injured and hospitalized with three of them in serious condition.  The authorities on the scene said that the injury count was "miraculously" low because the bus never left its wheels, landing right-side-up.

Pompiers de Marseille photo

FranceTV supplied this raw video from the scene:




The scene was cleared at 10:30 pm.  An investigation has begun into the cause of the wreck.

TF1 News has more video and the STORY.

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