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While Medics Treat Ka-Boom Victims, Spartacus Steals the Ambulance

Greek Easter Celebration Gets Out of Hand

TARPON SPRINGS, FLORIDA, HAS a sizeable Greek community and each year at Greek Easter part of their celebration consists of detonating homemade explosives that pack more punch than puny firecrackers.  This year however, one celebrant overdid it with the black powder package.

Early Sunday morning while the Orthodox Easter Services were underway in the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Cathedral, around the corner on Tarpon Ave. a mighty explosion rocked The Zone, a restaurant/bar, and an apartment building.  The Tampa Bay Times continues:

The Zone Lounge was crowded at the time of the explosion, said Tarpon Springs police Capt. Barbara Templeton, and many patrons were affected by flying glass and debris. At least two women were treated at the scene for lacerations.

The area was closed off for five hours while investigations proceeded.

The bomb detonated from atop a vacant building adjacent to and connected with the bar. Some apartments on the other side of the blast site also were seriously damaged, Templeton said, including windows blown out and glass and debris strewn across living rooms.

Patrons streamed out of the Zone Lounge, which authorities evacuated, some bleeding and many more "frightened out of their wits," she said.

The neighborhood quickly filled up with firetrucks and ambulances to check on the blast damages and treat the injured patrons.  While medics were tending to some people who were cut by flying glass shards, one of them went back outside to get more supplies and found out that his ambulance was gone.  The dispatch center quickly pinpointed its location via the GPS device and the police responded  and found it abandoned by the water treatment plant.

They soon located a man inside who shouldn't have been there and ordered him out.  As he approached, he was grasping two unidentfiable objects in each hand and refused to stop and get on the ground.  Instead, he made "menacing" actions and advanced toward the officers who then gave him a Taser massage.  After taking him into custody they learned that the objects were a flashlight and a potato.  They also found a tomato in his pocket.  When asked repeatedly to give his name, the ambulance driver told them he was "Spartacus", then he became "Maggie" and "Shadow."  He was charged with grand theft, burglary, and resisting arrest with violence.

Spartacus awaits an alternative transportation mode.

At last word, the investigation into who set off the ka-boom was continuing.

The Tampa Bay Times has the STORY HERE.
ABC News has MORE HERE plus this video report:


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Google Street View of The Zone and the vacant building
next door where the device was detonated.  Two other
businesses to the right of the pub were damaged also.

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