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Morning Lineup – April 19

Thursday Morning – Dark Skies Everywhere

By now you have been flooded with information, interviews, etc., relating to the passing of Dick Clark yesterday (HERE).  He was one of those people who everybody knows of and all those thoughts are good ones.  The man naturally fit right into the pop music scene and literally became a part of everyone's life in some form or another.  Even the older people were exposed to his showmanship via the New Year's Eve television broadcasts from Times Square that also became a must-see fixture of our pop culture.

When he had a severe stroke in 2004, the entire nation groaned and began praying for the best.  After a year of intense therapy he was able to make some tv appearances for a while, but only with the aid of others as he was visibly handicapped from his illness.  But we overlooked that and applauded his partial recovery and spunky return to our living rooms.  There are very few people who achieve that level of popularity and recognition.  Thank you, Dick Clark.

Coincidentally, over the past week or ten days some of our readers have emailed to alert me to some other pop stars that are unfortunately in the closing days of their lives due to terminal illnesses.  One of them is Robin Gibb of the famed rock group The Bee-Gees.  He has been battling cancer for two years as it continues to spread through his body and is now into his liver.  This past Friday he slipped into a coma and the doctors are thinking that he probably has just a few days to live.  Sigh….

That's enough glumness for one day, so let's get to our equipment and start our daily check.  The coffee pot needs refreshing, so I'll take care of that.  See you back in the day room in a little while.

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