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Morning Lineup – April 30

Monday Morning – Got An Idea You Want to Cash In?

Have you ever thought about other uses for fire hose?  I know, some people chop off sections of surveyed hose to use as buffers on boat docks or even along the gunwales of their boats.  But how about something new and innovative?  Japanese fire hose manufacturer Yokoi has teamed up with another firm to develop an anti-piracy device for use in those African and Asian waters where sea-pirates are operating practically unmolested and seizing ships of all sizes for ransom purposes.

Yokoi and MTI have developed what they call an Anti-Piracy Curtain that was no doubt inspired when somebody saw a fire hose with an open nozzle whipping out of control after it was charged before the firefighter was ready.  DigInfo, an online video news site that covers cutting-edge technology, is reporting:

The system consists of two elements, the first sprays water from high-volume nozzles, which hinder the pirates from boarding the ship, as well as filling up the pirate's vessels with water, and the second are hoses which whip around violently, with the purpose of intimidating pirates from a distance.

Flexible "whipping" nozzle.

"If a pirate boat approaches, with this system, the first line of defense is to threaten to capsize the pirate boat, by filling it with water. Another tactic is our patented hose, which is a new idea. By spraying water from the nozzle tip, the hose is made to move around unpredictably, using a very small amount of water. We've made the hose snake around near the bottom of the boat, without rising too high, by attaching a sinker to the end."

The high-volume nozzles are utilized to prevent boarding ladders from being placed against the hull, the usual technique used by the pirates currently.  The device was created with the smaller, private boats and yachts in mind, but it can also be used on the larger freighters that are targeted as well.

Check out Yokoi's video presentation that demonstrates the device in action on a freighter:


So there you go, putting ideas and imagination to work.  Look around the firehouse and see what you have that could be used to make your second million.  But you'd best wait until we get this equipment checked out before you turn your imagination loose.  It's Monday and we have the longer, weekly check sheet to follow.  I'm heading for the Bunn-O-Matic to get more java pouring before we meet back in the day room later.

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