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Morning Lineup – May 1

Tuesday Morning – May Day

Here we are ….. May 1, often called May Day.  That point where it feels and looks more like Spring as the warm weather returns to stay and plant life bursts out with leaves and blossoms.  It's all good for the psyche, whatever a psyche is.  I'll have to check with Mick Meyers at FirehouseZen to find out for sure.  Most of our friends and readers in Europe are enjoying today as a holiday, the equivalent of our Labor Day where the average worker gets a day's respite from the daily grind.  Unfortunately the public safety people aren't "average workers" and they will all be on duty and on call to help out all those average workers who get themselves into trouble today.  But we love it, don't we?

I think my generation was the first one that didn't get raised with the May Day tradition.  Older people in the U. S. recall May Day as a school festival day that grew out of the ancient Pagan spring celebration.  While it was still a school day, it was mostly given over to playground games, picnicking, contests and the mystifying May Pole.  I never did understand what the joy was in prancing around the pole while winding those ribbons onto it.  But then again, we never got to try it.  In a way, it's a shame that a tradition that dated back more than a thousand years was suddenly disbanded and put untold hundreds of ribbon-makers out of work.

Edinboro (Pa.) University Archives

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It might be warming to Spring these days, but there are still eight cities around the U. S. that have ponds of ice awaiting visits of their respective National Hockey League teams as they work their way through the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs.  Unfortunately for our Canadian friends, the two teams from Up North that made the playoffs were both bounced in the first round, including the highly-favored Vancouver Canucks that was upset by the #8-seeded Los Angeles Kings.  Now we're down to eight teams in the elimination contest and three of the four matchups have completed two games in this second round.  So let's see how their doing this morning.

It looks like my Cinderella pick, the St. Louis Blues have dropped themselves into a mighty tough spot.  They have lost both of their first two games at home to Los Angeles.  Heading back to L. A. two games down on enemy ice, things don't look so good for them right now.  But they're looking great for Los Angeles, the giant-killers who toppled the Canucks.

The Philadelphia vs. New Jersey series will be playing their second game tonight.  Here are the scores and standings from the early part of this round:

#2 St. Louis vs. #8 Los Angeles
                 1 – 3
                 2 – 5
Los Angeles leads series 2 – 0

#3 Phoenix vs. #4 Nashville
               4 – 3 OT
               5 – 3
Phoenix leads series 2 – 0

#1 NY Rangers vs. #7 Washington
                       3 – 1
                      2 – 3
Series tied at one game apiece

#5 Philadelphia vs. #6 New Jersey
                      4 – 3 OT
Philly leads series 1 – 0

Ok, let's leave the May pole and head for the fire pole to get this equipment checked out for today.  I'm going to get some Spring coffee going before we meet back in the day room.

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