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Lightning Strikes Chemical Tanks in Pennsylvania …. Vol. Fire Police Officer Suffers Fatal Heart Attack

Two Quarter Million-Gallon Tanks Involved

A LINE OF VIOLENT THUNDERSTORMS that swept up the East Coast Tuesday night lent a lightning strike on a Dow Chemical storage tank in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  The blaze that broke out in the 250,000-gallon tank quickly spread to a second tank and brought a 3-alarm response from several Pennsylvania and New Jersey fire departments.

Courier Times

The tanks contained ethyl acrylate and butyl acrylate, both of which are used in the manufacture of acrylic paints.  The fire began at 3:35 am Wednesday morning when the lightning bolt hit the Dow plant in Croydon.  During the incident, a volunteer police officer, David Wintz, 65, was directing traffic when he began feeling ill.  He then went home where he suffered a fatal heart attack.  No other information has been released on this sad outcome.

The fire departments attacked the tank fires with heavy applications of foam and finally had them cooled down enough by 5:30 where they stopped re-igniting spontaneously.

The Philadelphia Inquirer has more details HERE. posted this video report filed early into the incident:


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The fire was marked under control at 7:30 am and is now effectively extinguished.

Fox News

NBC10 News filed this later video report from the scene:


View more videos at:

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