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Amazing Academic Accreditation Adventure

And you thought the fire service had turf wars and arbitrary rules

Spend $11,450 and three weeks at Harvard to attend the "Senior Executives in State and Local Government" program at the John F. Kennedy School of Government. You will receive no academic credit.

Possess a state or National Registry EMT-Basic card and some universities will grant three to six semester hours of transfer credit. Even if the instructor's level of education is a General Education Degree – the adult version of a high school diploma.

Welcome to the world of academic accreditation.

Click: "Academic Accreditation Details for "Firefighting 2.0" to read my article posted on the Fire Engineering website.

It is a response to Fire Engineering Editor-in-Chief Bobby Halton's March 2012, Editor's Opinion, "Firefighting 2.0."

Mike "FossilMedic" Ward

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  • Russ

    “An educated firefighter is an asset to the department”  a chief told me when i was a rookie. he then wanted to know how much schooling i would be willing to take? my answer was how much money you got in your training budget? because if you want, you’ll never see me in a firehouse.

    we work in what i like to call a manual business. computers cant put out a fire and technology only helps us do it faster

    education helps us do it smarter

    manual education is how the job is passed on to the next generation.

    How do we know thats true?

    Dr. Branigan who i was honored to have as a guest professor in college said something off the cuff that i never will forget, the fire is not our enemy, the building is

    so my point is education is fine but manual education is better for line firefightrers. we are in an age where we have chiefs who get hired and dare to tell rookies “if you work hard you can become a chief someday when you have put in your time” to which i say “but you were hired off the street to be didnt start off here, where did you pay your dues, hawaii? dont get me wrong i’m not anti education but i do think that vocational education should be intergrated into the academic world on “some” equal basis because not everyone can affored college. Florida allows you to transfer some credits the fire college puts on and thats a start

    • Mike “FossilMedic” Ward

       Hi Russ,

      Within the article I talk about how Virginia melded the vocational and educational efforts into a unified rookie-to-Captain program, the first of a dozen or so states to do so under the National Fire Academy FESHE program.