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Barber Keeps on Barbering While Salon Burns Down

"It's prom season and we're fully booked…"

 WHEN FIRE STARTED RACING THROUGH a commercial building in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania Friday afternoon, the Studio Raw Hair Salon was filled with customers, most of them high school girls getting ready for this weekend's prom.

The 2-alarm fire began around 2 pm.
(North Hills Patch)

The 2-story building had been added on to over the decades and was filled with hidden voids and attic spaces.  As the fire grew quickly, everyone was told to evacuate but the salon's owners and employees couldn't abandon their customers.  The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review tells what happened next:

"We didn't want to disappoint them, so as we were leaving the building we grabbed a (styling) chair and some other equipment so we could keep working outside," he said.

Dan Burda, another of the salon's owners, said getting all the clients done — especially those preparing for the prom — was important.

"It's a big event in their lives," he said. "There's no way we were going to turn them away because of a fire."

As the fire continued on its way to completely gutting the building that held five businesses, the Studio Raw crew kept on cuttin'.  The clippers weren't the only ones getting kudos yesterday.  More from the Tribune-Review:

Attorney Michael Eisen, who has his bankruptcy law practice in the building at 3185 Babcock Blvd., said the willingness "to go above and beyond" that the salon operators exhibited extended to the (firefighters).

"I realized that everything in my office was probably destroyed," Eisen said. "But I asked one of the firefighters whether he thought there was a chance my law school diploma could be salvaged. Before I knew it, he was walking out of the building and handed it to me."


WTAE-TV has a good video HERE.
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