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Radioman “Outs” Himself

"Just Call Me Dave"

FAMED DISPATCH SCANNER AND RECORDIST "RADIOMAN" has shed his anonymnity.  After 3+ years of monitoring and live-streaming fire activity in the greater Chicago area, he has decided to let the masses know his real moniker is Dave Weaver.

Dave has a great service set up for anybody interested in emergency incidents by webcasting the dispatch and working channels of fire incidents.  He's very efficient, too.  When you log on to you will notice right away that there are separate channels coming out of each of your computer stereo speakers.  More coverage for you that way.  From his website he tells us:

The feed is based in Chicago and uses a combination of remote receive sites to enhance our range and provide the best wide area coverage possible. We monitor fire dispatches from all across Chicagoland. Site supporters volunteer their time to the listener community by posting info and updates about major fires and incidents. is a live stereo mix monitoring the Chicago Fire Department and every FD within 36 neighboring counties across 4 states. (Except Aurora, Hammond, and Naperville) We cover all mutual aid and interop channels including IFERN and all firegrounds.

The feed consists of 5 radios located in downtown Chicago and 3 located in the far suburbs. Incident information is provided on the incident board in CAD style by volunteer supporters of the site. streams high quality 128k stereo audio along with a 200k video display that shows 6 of the 8 radios that make up the mix. Radios and scanners in the mix full time are located in 5 locations; Radioman911 HQ in Chicago's West Town neighborhood, 1000ft up in the John Hancock Center, 250ft up on towers in both DeKalb and Joliet, and from rooftops in Lansing and St. Charles. Additional rooftop receive sites are located in Summit and Midlothian. A special thank you goes to our remote feed hosts who improve our reception and extend our coverage area.

Now you know that he's not some dweeb with a couple of Radio Shack portable scanners duct-taped to a board.  He was featured on a Channel 7, WLS-TV news report last week covering the violent NATO protests in downtown Chicago.

Dave's first 15 minutes of fame are shown in this tv report and he makes his appearance at the 0:58 mark.  Go ahead and watch the entire 4:13 of the video, it's a good report:



Chicago Police/Fire NATO Protest Recordings

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4

He tells us:  All 4 days are great listening and many include video to reference the activities being handled. But day 3 is some of the most incredible audio that we have ever streamed on and was featured on the ABC7 Chicago 10 PM News.

So get your popcorn, sit back and listen, and say "Hi" to Dave.  (just click on the links)

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