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Morning Lineup – June11

Monday Morning

Love 'em or hate 'em, you have to admit that when it comes to online maps, Google is the prime innovator and leader in digital mapping.  One of their major services is the Google Street View, a massive project that they accomplished in an amazingly short period of time as thousands of specially-equipped cars drove up and down countless millions of streets and highways throughout the civilized world taking photos of the passing views.  How they were able to patch those trillions of photos into a seamless view where you can even turn onto side streets and continue your path is a real mystery to me.

A lot of people, myself certainly included, have used Street View to travel through neighborhoods where we lived as children to see if the place looks the same and perhaps follow the path we took as we walked to school.  A few months ago we posted about Google's continuing explorations by mounting their strange cameras on bicycles to map trails and other off-road paths where the cars cannot go.  Now they have added still another Street View concept by developing a backpack sort of camera that will permit the documentarians to walk through shopping malls, museums, airport terminals and theme parks.  I love this kind of imaginative thinking.


That's not all that the GoogleMap people are up to, either.  Tomorrow I will show you what's happening with the latest in GPS and Street View technology, 3-D maps.  That's even more amazing.

But first we have to get this morning's equipment check started, you know.  Monday checklist day.  I'll check out the Bunn-O-Matic and make sure it's ready for a day's work too.  See you back in the day room.

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NHL Stanley Cup Finals

The New Jersey Devils turned the Finals into a contest again Saturday night, beating the Kings on home ice in a typical hockey playoff game.  It was all defense and capitalizing on mistakes leading to the Devils' 2 – 1 win.  Now the Kings' commanding lead of 3 games to zip has retracted to a one-game edge and you can bet that the mental pressure on Los Angeles is quite heavy, indeed.

All they've had to do is just win one game and it's still the case, but two straight losses gives New Jersey a lot of confidence.  But tonight's game will be the last one played in Los Angeles in this series, so they have to close it out tonight.  A loss to the Devils will give New Jersey a big edge in the game 7 if they have to play one.

Game 1: Los Angeles – 2, New Jersey – 1 OT.
Game 2: Los Angeles – 2, New Jersey – 1 OT.
Game 3: Los Angeles – 4, New Jersey – 0.
Game 4: New Jersey – 3, Los Angeles – 1.
Game 5: New Jersey – 2, Los Angeles – 1.
Game 6 at Los Angeles Monday, 8 pm Eastern.

Los Angeles leads series 3 games to 2.

Here are the highlights from Saturday's game:


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