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4th of July Car-Toon: Zamparelli avoids Formula 2 shunt in rain at Spa

Sign this guy up as the chief's driver:

19 year old Formula 2 racing driver Dino Zamparelli shows his lightning reactions to an almost certain crash in the wet at Spa, Belgium.

Travelling at 150 mph, the young rising star shows his quick thinking and reactions to get away with just a broken right rear tail light

Keyboard commanders post:

Dino Zamparelli responds:

Actually just to clarify — we had already passed the incident that caused the yellow flags and for the safety car boards to come out.

If you look at the car ahead, he was actually pulling away from me up eau rouge, because we were trying to catch up to the safety car.

Someone then slowed down on the straight line after eau rouge and that caused everyone to bunch up…so my reactions were not to a yellow flag situation, but to another incident which had just occurred :)


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