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Detroit Fire Commissioner Don Austin told a group of citizens on Tuesday night that he “goes to bed every night praying not to wake up to a disaster.”

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  • Legeros

    Mike, can you give a capsule summary of what consent agreements and emergency managers are/do, in this context?

    • Mike “FossilMedic” Ward

      Emergency manager state appointed and runs the city. Emergency manager makes policy decisions in lieu of local elected officials.

      “Under a so-called consent agreement, approved reluctantly this week by divided Detroit leaders, a nine-member financial advisory board will be appointed to guide the city, which will be required to report any budget shortfalls swiftly and to hire a “program management director” to help oversee reforms. The agreement also will reopen union contract talks, and permit sharp cuts.  It also considers the possibility of privatizing some city services and consolidating departments — powers that union leaders, who had been negotiating separate concessions with city leaders in recent months, object to furiously. And the deal cleared the way for refinancing of debt to solve the city’s imminent cash crisis.” 

  • mr618

    Aw, c’mon, Charlie. Wearing a T-shirt to work as a journalist? It’s bad enough that the hair and beard make you look like a street bum half the time, but this is going too far. Show a little respect for your profession, okay, dude?

    • BH

      You really think anybody in Detroit gives a crap what he wears to work?  

      If anything, being a white guy in a suit would only work against him.