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Legendary Singer Tony Martin Dies – Age 98

Career Spanned Four Generations

TONY MARTIN, THE "LAST MAN STANDING" from the Big Band Era, has passed away at his home in West Los Angeles on Friday, it was disclosed today.

Mr. Martin had a strong, mellow baritone voice that stayed smooth until his death.  He was noted for performing night club acts and the occasional television appearance well into his nineties, retiring only recently from the live venue.  His wife of 60 years, who was also his business partner, was the stunning dancer/actress Cyd Charisse who predeceased him by only four years.

There is not space enough on this lowly website to document his astounding career that began in radio in the 1920's followed by his breakthrough into the movies in the 1930's, always singing in musicals.  We recommend that you read first his obituary from today's Washington Post HERE and then follow that with the New York Times article that chronicles his career HERE.

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