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Another “Bad Boy” in Pittsburgh

How Has He Been Able to Keep His Rank Job?

AFTER SEVERAL MONTHS OF CALM, the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Fire Department is back in the news today with a battalion chief having been suspended for a criminal assault against his former girlfriend.

Batt. Chief Washabaugh
(Tribune-Review file photo)

James Washabaugh, 54, is accused of showing up at his ex-girlfriend's apartment early Saturday morning and wakening her up while yelling a stream of obscenities before spitting on her and slamming her into a corner causing her to fall to the floor.  The complaint states that when she got back up, he pushed her back down to the floor again.

KDKA-TV has filed this video report:


Washabaugh has been in trouble before when in 2008 he was arrested for assaulting his then-girlfriend and threatening to kill her.  He has been in the fire department for 26 years.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette adds:

City Fire Chief Darryl Jones confirmed Saturday that Chief Washabaugh has been suspended without pay, pending an inquiry by an internal disciplinary board.

"I'm upset and I thought that this was something that was behind him," Chief Jones said Saturday night.

Read the full story in the Post-Gazette HERE.

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