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Gnome Report – Arriving in London

Feeling the Excitement of the Olympics Already!

HEY, HEY…. I WAS ABLE TO make it to Trenton Internationl Airport Saturday night in time for the overnight flight to Heathrow.

Things went pretty smoothly because  my boss Steve had already bought my ticket online and all I had to do was go up to the counter and pick it up.  The only hiccup was going through security.  I forgot to take my harmonica out of my pocket and they decided to do a full pat-down.

But I cleared that ok and was lucky enough to get an empty seat next to me so that I could lay down to sleep during the night hours.

Arrived safely at Heathrow Airport around 8 am and caught the express train into downtown London.

Hooooo Boy!  This place is buzzin'!  I can hardly wait until tomorrow to start exploring the various Olympic venues and watching these great athletes in action.  If I play my cards right, I might get to slip into some of the contests before anyone notices.  Hee hee…. you know FG.   See you Monday.  (Remember, we're 5 hours apart now.)

Our adventure to the Olympics began yesterday HERE.

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