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More Firefighters “Stepping In It”

Just What Were They Thinking Of?

SEVERAL JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, FIREFIGHTERS, including a lieutenant and a district chief, are under investigation for serious violations of behavioral and ethics standards.  The incident took place last week at a night club called Whiskey River where a fund-raiser was held for the family of a JFD firefighter who had died recently in an off-duty accident.

During the entertainment, several firefighters took to the stage to play around in their bunker gear and started striking some suggestive poses that aren't conducive to good public relations for the fire department.


The whiskey friskies included a female lieutenant who danced topless with nothing more than her bunker pants suspenders covering her nipples.

Compounding the problem was the presence of a district chief who was enjoying the show along with the rest of the crowd, and apparently never attempted to correct the code-of-conduct violaters.  WJXT-TV reports:

The images that surfaced on are now the focus of an internal investigation in which JFRD policies may have been violated.

In one photo, a firefighter wearing bunker gear and a helmet gets what appears to be a tip from a girl in the crowd. In another photo, two firefighters engage in what some consider lewd behavior.

JFRD spokesman Tom Francis issued a statement Monday, saying, "We are not oblivious to the incident. We have launched an internal investigation and we are reviewing photographic evidence and conducting interviews with those involved. Our compliance officer has been made fully aware of the transgressions. JFRD firefighters should not be wearing city-issued equipment for anything other than official duty. It is unbecoming of the profession."

According to JFRD policies, firefighters are forbidden from wearing anything that identifies themselves as a firefighter in a place that sells alcoholic beverages, unless they're working in a city capacity.

The clear and excessive violations are a serious concern to the JFRD and they are illustrated in the video report from WTEV-TV Ch. 30:


It is safe to say that this will be one super-sized headache for the Fire Chief, and will turn out to be a career-changer for several firefighters.

Read more with additional video at WJXT-TV website HERE.

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Comments - Add Yours

  • Kennethhiggins88

    i been a firefighter and ems for a while i think they was doing it to the right reasons. nothin should happen… id back am up in this….

  • Grumble

    I hope that, “According to JFRD policies, firefighters are forbidden from wearing anything that identifies themselves as a firefighter in a place that sells alcoholic beverages, unless they’re working in a city capacity.”,  is a misquote.  It would appear from this sentence that a JFRD could not even go to Olive Garden with a non JFRD themed fire fighter t-shirt.  Yes, as firefighters we should represent ourselves to the public in a manner as to show our departments in a benficial way.  In these pictures I don’t see anything showing a JFRD logo or name so I think they may be over reacting.  Now if they were in full uniform showing ther JFRD logo or name, then yes there is an issue. 

  • fyrfyter48

    The problem with this is , if they are wearing dept issued equip and KNOW its against policy, the circumstances are irrelevant.  HOWEVER, if they are wearing their own equip with no identifying marks of JFD, there should be no problem with it..  Dept heads are overstepping their boundries more and more when it comes to off duty things.

  • Gordo

    I’m looking here and I’m trying to find something that concerns the fire department in the slightest. I see nothing here that is any of the department’s business at all. I see nothing that resembles anything like the infamous “Tailhook” affair that embarrassed the Navy a few years ago, nobody got groped, nobody was assaulted, the department is seriously overstepping its authority and should be the one in the crosshairs for that, not the firefighters doing the right thing.

  • Dannyboy542000

    I don’t see any department logos on the gear, don’t see
    employee ID’s on performers, and don’t see a book of SOP/SOG anywhere in the
    stage. all I see is a few guys and girls performing to raise money for a good
    cause, is not their fault that they have good bodies they can use as opposed to
    the fat ass firefighter that can even go two flights of starts without chest
    pain. So my opinion is worry more about the safety and training of the firefighters
    and not so much of what can be morally reprehensible by prudish bean counters
    that have no idea what the fire service is all about.

  • Squirrelpelt

    If anyone had a problem with what they were doing, why didn’t they have the balls to say something right then? I see nothing wrong with what they were doing. I’m a firefighter and I back them up! Stand by your firefighters Chief! They’re your number 1 asset. Back them up and they will do the same for you.

  • Abbacutie4u

    who cares it was for a good cause. people need to get over themselves

  • Craig

    Who gives a shit!! People look for anything to complian about get life and worry about real matters!!

  • Legeros

    Reading the reader comments on the original news site– all eight of them, mind you– they are unfazed and entirely supportive of the firefighters and their actions. Wonder what the majority popular opinion is? And/or/but, does that really matter? (This being America, we are extraordinarily uptight about all things related to sex and sexuality. Anything involved bared flesh becomes scandalous, period.)

    • Legeros

      And let’s add a great monologue from that classic comedy “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.” As Terry Thomas ranted: “In all time in
      this wretched Godforsaken country, the one thing that has appalled me
      most of all this this preposterous preoccupation with bosoms. Don’t you
      realize they have become the dominant theme in American culture: in
      literature, advertising and all fields of entertainment and everything.
      I’ll wager you anything you like that if American women stopped wearing
      brassieres, your whole national economy would collapse overnight.”

  • Natalia Sudets

    They have a right to do it! To help a friend this way!

  • Scott

    I work for the JFRD & lemme tell you what allthe fuss is about. 1) The city has for YEARS been gunning for our pension and more paycuts in spite of what we’ve already cut & the media hs been a willing accomplice to trash us. 2) Our new Mayor has appointed the ULTIMATE “Yes Man” who has been heard & i quote: “I want to be known as the Chief who fires the most people”, he did so just months after being put in office & has laid down harsh punishment for the most meaningless infractions. Needless to say morale is at an all time low. As a matter of fact normally names, ranks & faces are kept undisclosed in incidents like this but our Chief allowed for all of this information to be displayed yesterday, even though the media from the beginning played by the “old rules”.
    The best part of it all is the public & the supprot we have been shown in the media & on blogs like this. They echo the majority of your comments & generally dont care what firefighters do “Off Duty & on their “own time” for a good cause.
    I will agree a rule was broken. The gear is issued by the city & is officially city property. Which in most cases & in the past if were to be enforced would amount to a “verbal reprimand”
    This really just adds to the decrease in morale but not in the support & we get from each other & the public.
    As far as our SOP it read so that it is against the rules for us to be [On duty & in uniform eating or frequenting at a place that primary sells alcohol] Im paraphrasing but its a good rule that is always followed, unless we are required to be in such places on stand-by (i.e. Florida/Georgia weekend)
    Eventually the cops will screw up & shoot a “good boy who was just in with the wrong crowd” & the media will bash them instead of us.
    Stay Safe everyone & good luck out there

    • firegeezer

      Thanks for the good background report, Scott.