First Arriving Network
First Arriving Network

Morning Lineup – August 16

Thursday Morning – Who Is That Following Us?

Every once in a while, I like to look back into my list of Twitter followers to see the variety and interesting focus points that they list when they sign up to watch the goings-on here at Firegeezer.  Some of them are curious, indeed.  Let's take a look again and see who has joined us lately:

  • …. specializes in Lead Generation and Appointment Setting, with an accent on Business to Business.
  • Safe Tree-Promoting the health and safety of trees and forests in Oregon and abroad.
  • Supporting electronic music diva Fey. Official Swede Fan Club.
  • …. officier, informaticus, Airforce veteran, CFO VZW Fireobservers, tripbegeleider VS, New Mediawatcher, Blogger, USA Geek, Celiac. (let me know if you can figure out what this is.  I'm stumped.)
  • The Nation's Oldest and Largest Scanner Only Dealer.
  • We are a Full Line 5.11 Tactical Dealer and carry Cherokee Scrubs along with an array of medical supplies.
  • You're much better off having me on your side than not.Regardless, I'm the guy you wish you were.
  • Blogging about my diet and fitness struggles…
  • …. an Indian Outsourcing Company providing outsourcing services to clients across the Globe.  (I haven't joined.)
  • Budding Academic; Dalmatian Owner; Frustrated Musician; Educator and Non-Serving Commando.
  • Full time blogger, content marketer & internet geek. Interests: industrial mfg, commercial design, memes, crafting & DIY. Me as a music guru.
  • We put social media IN REVERSE & launching soon.
  • Consultant, Bluenoser, Fitness, Arts and Chocolate Enthusiast…lover of all living things

I'll drink to that!!  (But I'm not sure that I know what a Bluenoser is.)

Anyway, it's an eclectic bunch of buddies and I cherish you all.  Thanks for following.

Now follow me over to the apparatus so that we can get this equipment checked out.  My Twitter page should read, "Bunn-O-Matic Fan," for obvious reasons.  See you back in the day room in a little while.

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