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Paramedic Caught Stealing Drugs

Admits to Using Morphine

EDGARTOWN, MASSACHUSETTS, POLICE HAVE issued a summons to a Oak Bluffs paramedic who is suspected of stealing morphine from an ambulance drug supply.  The summons requires Tony White, 45, to appear in court where it will be determined if he committed a crime or not.

The Martha's Vineyard Times explains:

An Oak Bluffs paramedic is accused of stealing morphine from a pre-filled syringe available on board an ambulance to treat patients, and replacing the narcotic with saline solution to cover up his theft, police said.

Edgartown police issued a summons to Tony White, 45, of Oak Bluffs to appear in court on a charge of larceny of a drug from an authorized dispenser. Mr. White, a staff paramedic for the Oak Bluffs emergency medical service, was filling a shift for the Edgartown emergency medical service at the time of the drug theft.

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"It's an ongoing investigation," Oak Bluffs ambulance chief John Rose said. "He has resigned from his position as a paramedic for the town of Oak Bluffs."

White came under suspicion back in July when the deputy chief of the Edgartown Fire Department noticed that the seal on a syringe of morphine had been broken.  By appearances, it looked to be filled properly, but he had the fluid checked and learned that it was filled with a saline solution and not the expected drug.  White has admitted to the police that he has a drug habit, but does not admit to using the stolen morphine in question.

This is not the first time White has been linked to missing ambulance drugs.  This past December he was questioned, but never charged, in connection with a large amount of missing narcotics from a Tisbury ambulance.

Read the full, extensive account of this latest theft in the Martha's Vineyard Times HERE.

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