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Updated: Propane Tanker Burning in Pennsylvania

Controlled Burn-Off Following Rollover

UPDATE, 4 PM Eastern:  The fire is out and leak plugged.  Scroll down.

A PROPANE DELIVERY TRUCK IN BUCKS County, Pennsylvania, rolled over following an accident Monday morning and began burning after the piping apparently split open rear pump valve was damaged and started leaking.



The exact cause of the wreck has not been determined yet, but there appears to be a sedan involved also.  The responding fire units have set up ladder pipes and unmanned monitors to keep the tank cool while the product burns off, a process that will take several hours at least.  At the time of this posting the propane was still burning.


The FD established a mandatory evacuation for a 1-mile radius from the incident.

WPVI-TV has posted this video report:


As long as it continues to burn without further incident, there is no other information expected until the accident investigation is concluded.  If there are any new developments, Firegeezer will update.

Update, 4 pm Eastern:
The fire was reported out around 2 pm after a tank repair crew was in position to plug the leak.  They knocked the fire down and sealed the leak around the valve while maintaining cooling streams.  Another tanker has been brought in and the evacuation order remains in effect until the remaining product is transferred to the other truck and taken away.  The original truck had a full load of 2,000 gallons of propane.

No injuries have been reported other than two people who were injured from the original collision.  They were transported with non-life threatening injuries.  Relief crews rotated during the incident and a load of diesel was brought in to keep the pumpers refueled.

Thanks to Ron Y. for assistance.

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