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Morning Lineup – October 19

Friday Morning – Respect …. Who Has It?

There is an interesting Facebook page titled Detroit Firehouse.  The anonymous administrator has been posting it for a couple of years now and is obviously a uniformed member or someone close to a Detroit firefighter.  He posts things that are of interest about the DFD and its personnel, etc.  It's timely and exposing, but not one of those hate-spewing pages that serve no good purpose.  Late last night he posted the following message:

This is by no means a political page, but it's worth informing the audience that the administration of the DFD did not send anyone to the funeral today. This was an active firefighter who passed away, and no one from downtown showed up. Maybe it's a small sign of their disdain for the men and women who actually do the job…

He is referring to Sgt. Dennis McGarry who was assigned to Ladder 21 and died at a tragically young age of 45 last week.  I don't know what the cause was, but it's not necessary to know that now.  But what is important is DF's comment, a small sign of their disdain…  And that is what it is…. disdain.  So typical of what is going on not only in the fire department, but the entire corrupt and incompetent city government.  What a shame.  Not just shameful, but disgraceful as well.

My own department tries to always have an "official presence" at the funerals of not only active members, but retirees as well whenever the funeral takes place within about 50 miles or so of the county.  This is usually two people in full Class A's in a department vehicle, and I believe that they still will provide a pumper for the funeral cortege if requested by the family.  It has been my observaton that the presence of these representatives is impressive and postive for not only the family, but the entire attendance at the funeral.  That is the definition of respect and appreciation for their own firefighters.

What is your department's policy on funeral presence?

Time to get the equipment checked out now, so let's get started while I head for the Bunn-O-Matic and run another pot through.  See you back in the digital day room in a little while.

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