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Fiery Wrong-Way Crash on Autobahn Leaves 5 Dead

High-Speed Collision

A CAR ENTERED THE A-46 highway at 1:30 am Sunday near Meschede, Germany, going the wrong way and crashed head-on into a sedan carrying four adults.


A 24-yr.-old was driving a BMW that causd the wreck and his car immediately burst into flames killing the driver immediately.  There were no passengers with him.

The other car was a Skoda sedan with four adults in it including a man and wife ages 47 and 41, and two women in the back seat ages 27 and 39.  The violence of the crash tore the engine block from the Skoda and tossed it onto the pavement.  Three of the four passengers died immediately and the fourth died later at the hospital.


Early reports say that the police were initially considering the possibility that the man was being considered a suicide.  The autopsy will find if any alcohol or drugs were involved.  They have no idea on how fast the two cars may have been traveling, there being no speed limit on that highway.

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Thanks to Christian Lewalter / Feuerwehr Weblog

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