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Wow, thanks to my FaceBook friends

Snarky whine gets genuine help

I tweet snarky observations when on road trips. Posts driven by boredom and irritation. Unexpected reaction when I snarked on FaceBook.

Arrived at Reagan National Airport (DCA) at 6 am for a 10:32 Saturday flight. Planned to knock out some work, including Saturday's Car-Toon.

Historic Terminal A has no lounge but JetBlue has eight stools with power outlets.

The delays start  (and the issue from the airline side)

At 7:59 am get an alert from TripIt that the flight is delayed 20 minutes. No big deal.

Equipment issue at Omaha is delaying departure, mechanic looking at plane.

At 8:19 am the second alert from TripIt adds 4 hours. Ouch.

Needed part is at Kansas City repair center … trucking part to Omaha. (Thats a 2.5 hour, 172 mile trip)

Double check with FlightStats …. yep I will spend most of the day in Terminal A.

(grumble grumble)

FaceBook whine yields generous response

Post a picture of the FlightStat alert of the 265 minute delay with the caption "Planned to sleep on the plane … hard to stretch out in historic Terminal A."

Wow, a lot of friends surfing FaceBook. Two with airport connections provide actionable suggestions.

Have to admit I am just whining and not in distress.

The delays continue:

Third alert at 12:30 adds 30 minutes

Fourth alert at 12:49 adds 30 minutes

Fifth alert at 13:39 adds 57 minutes














Frontier runs a lean system. No electronic status board at gate, heard no announcements about delay.

Gate attendants were busy reticketing passengers … at some point the later flight was morphed into the morning flight number … requiring the reissuing of boarding passes again.

In a 15:04 response to a friend that provided an actionable suggestion:

Nap, shoes shined, checkbook balanced, EuroCafe lunch and three more delay updates. Maybe 5 pm.

A never ending cascade of missed details.

Like an emergency call that starts with a problem, this trip continued to have missed details.

Oops, need to add fuel to fly to Kansas City … need to re-open cabin door while the fuel truck returns to our location.

Finaly arriving at Kansas City, the contractor that staffs the rental fleet bus did not plan for a plane to arrive 6.5 hours late, did not change pattern.

The wait for the rental car bus becomes 30 minutes … nice sunset … getting colder … serenaded by a recording saying that the rental fleet bus is on a ten minute schedule … when calling our rental car vendors told "… we have no control over the bus."

Nor do I on outside impacts on travel.

Mike "FossilMedic" Ward

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