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Ottawa FD Rights a Wrong

Sal Pantalone Gets His Wish

THE CITY OF OTTAWA, ONTARIO, AND ITS FIRE DEPARTMENT held a special ceremony last Thursday at City Hall where Fred Pantalone was posthumously restored as a Fire Lieutenant.  He served the department honorably and loyally for 25 years from 1915 until 1940 when his career was cut short by World War II.  It was then that the Italian immigrant was wrongly arrested as a Fascist sympathizer when Italy joined with Nazi Germany in promoting the war in Europe.

In an article three months ago on July 9, Firegeezer reported:  Eight months later a judge found that Pantalone was not in any way dangerous to the country and ordered him released. But when he tried to return to the fire department, both the FD administration and the union were against bringing him back. He then joined the Royal Canadian Navy and served admirably through the war as a fire marshal at an ammunitions dump.

This year his son Sal Pantalone who is now age 88, set out on a mission to have his father's good name restored and replaced on the FD's roster.  As he explained to the Ottawa Citizen back in July, "It was wrong what happened — and we should right that wrong. How hurt he must have been. How hurt. And I think this is the least I can do. I want to have his tombstone re-engraved with, ‘Lieutenant Frederick Pantalone, Ottawa Fire Department.’"

Last week he got his wish as he saw his father's name and reputation rightfully restored along with an apology from the City.

Sal Pantalone posed with his father's photo Thursday at the
ceremonial re-instatement in City Hall.  Pantalone said his father
would have been "very pleased" with his return to the department.
"He loved putting on his firefighters’ uniform," he said.
"He would have been in tears today."  (Ottawa Citizen)

The Ottawa Citizen has this latest story along with a video interview with Sal HERE.  (Recommended reading!)
Read the earlier report with a description of Lt. Pantalone's life story from Firegeezer in July HERE.

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