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Texas Town Wants Compensation For Underpowered Quint

Online Sale Attempt Fails to Find Buyer

THE CITY OF CEDAR PARK, TEXAS, HAS a $700,000 problem on its hands and is looking for a way to solve it.  Five years ago they purchased a new quint from Pierce that is powered by a Cummins diesel engine.  But they have had a steady stream of problems with the engine that have kept it in the shop more than out.

American-Statesman / Sharp

After failing to sell the truck (for less than half what they paid for it), the city has now filed a lawsuit to recover their expenditure by claiming the truck is a "lemon."

The Austin American-Statesman reported:

The truck — a 2008 model Pierce Dash-2000 the city bought for $742,000 — was taken out of service by the city, according to a lawsuit filed last week against four companies that manufactured and sold the truck and the truck’s engine: Siddons Fire Apparatus, Inc., Siddons-Marton Emergency Group, Pierce Manufacturing, Inc., and Cummins, Inc.

"This apparatus was represented to be reliable. Reliability is essential to the public safety for citizens of Cedar Park," the lawsuit says. "It is not reliable and cannot be utilized to protect the citizens of Cedar Park."

The lawsuit claims the engine was not designed for the truck’s frame and chassis. The truck has required more than three times the expected maintenance of equivalent trucks and its operational expense is more than double per mile of equivalent trucks, the suit says.

According to the lawsuit, the truck’s repair history includes "numerous failures of engine components … and numerous engine oil leaks." The lawsuit also lists a litany of other problems and equipment failures.

Unsaid in the article is whether the city was upfront with their engine problem when they listed it for sale in a government-related online classified ad website.

Read the full article in the American-Statesman HERE.

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