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“Radio Silence” an unfortunate example of fire mangled deployment

A continuing decline of ambulance service

I was attending a federally-sponsored EMS stakeholder's meeting in DC months after the Kansas City Fire Department took over 9-1-1 ambulance service from the Municipal Ambulance Services Trust (MAST) in late 2010.

MAST was one of the first public utility models. During their thirty year history they became recognized as a credentialed, accredited, best practice, high performance ems system.

An executive director with one of the organizations that provides accreditation or credential talked about the takeover at the federal meeting. She complained of "radio silence" from fire department leadership since the takeover.

Maybe the fire department was impementing a better way.


This morning's editorial in The Kansas City Star does not think so:

Response times are worse in 2012 than they have been at any time since the Fire Department took over the ambulances in early 2010. And even in 2010 and 2011 response times had not often enough met the nine-minute citywide standard established by the City Council.

The audit also said the Fire Department has failed this entire year to report response times within council districts. Instead, only citywide numbers are provided. Residents in the districts don’t have adequate information to judge whether they are being well served by the Fire Department. That’s unacceptable.

New questions about KC ambulance services
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