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Student Pilot Crashes Into Car

Neither One Saw the Other

A CESSNA SKY HAWK AIRCRAFT was landing at the private Northwest Regional Airport near Dallas north of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Saturday morning just as a car was driving along a road that crosses the airport near the runway.  The car was supposed to have stopped at a stop sign controlling the crossing, but instead the driver continued on into the path of the plane.

As you will see in the video below, the airplane's landing gear slipped the car in the left side causing the plane to crash onto its belly after crushing part of the car.

Texas Dept. of Public Safety photos

The pilot of the Cessna was William Davis, 43, who is a licensed student pilot and was completing his first solo round trip.  His wife was taking a video of the landing for a memento and caught the accident on tape.

 This video report was filed by TV Ch. 8:


Davis was uninjured luckily, but the plane was heavily damaged. The two adults in the car were transported for minor injuries and later released. The FAA is investigating the accident which is the 4th incident at that airport in the past two months.

Hat tip:  Mark D.

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  • manda

    Just wanted to point out that it’s really not near near Dallas. Roanoke, TX is about 35 miles north of downtown Fort Worth. Dallas is a ways southeast of here.

    Nearby landmark: Texas Motor Speedway, at the very far northern tip of the Fort Worth city limits. :-)

    A pedantic detail, but the folks on the Fort Worth side don’t always like being called “Dallas.” :)

    • firegeezer

      Thanks for setting me on the right path, Manda!  I have relatives who were among the first residents of both Dallas and Fort Worth, so I don’t want to favor one over the other.  :-)