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Hey, Don’t Let a Dead Body Ruin Your Weekend

"We Need the Business…"

A PUB LANDLORD AND HOTELIER IN SOUTH WALES was convicted and sentenced to serve 15 months in jail for hiding a dead body for four days.  His motive was to keep the police from shutting down his pub on a busy weekend  when he needed the business.  The Daily Mail (UK) reports:

Jason Chidgey, 29, found the body of pub regular Mark Howells dead in the men’s toilets on a Friday night at his pub, the Boot Hotel in Aberdare, South Wales. But fearing police would close down the pub for their investigation, meaning he would miss out on weekend business he could not afford to, he hid the body of the 48-year-old in a first-floor bedroom at the pub, Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court heard.

The father-of-two from Parc Glas, Aberdare, enlisted the help of pub cleaner Audra Rees to hide Mr Howell’s body and opened the pub as normal over the weekend. He then arranged for the corpse to be found the following Tuesday.

Prosecutor Owen Williams said: ‘He did so to trade over the busy weekend period. He didn't want the body to be found until after the weekend was over. From Friday to Monday Chidgey carried out his business as if nothing untoward had occurred. He deflected friends' concerns about Mr Howells not being seen by saying he had spoken with him recently and that he was okay.’

Scene of the "perverted justice"

He would have gotten away with it, except that the cleaning lady's conscience bothered her and gave her nightmares each night.  So she approached the police and gave a statement of what had occurred.  After an investigation, Chidgey was arrested and charged with perverting the course of justice.  During the trial it was brought out that Howells had died of natural causes due to alcohol poisoning.

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