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Gas Ka-Boom Blows Front Off of Liquor Store

No Injuries From Early Morning Blast

AN EXPLOSION BLEW THE FRONT WALL off of the Hops and Vines Liquor Emporium in Shakopee, Minnesota, Friday morning. 

Star Tribune

The 3:30 am blast also started a fire that was contained by the  strip mall's sprinkler system until the FD arrived.  Due to the early hour, there was nobody near when it occurred.  The fire officials believe, for the time being, that it was a natural gas explosion but they don't yet know what caused the leak.

KARE-TV posted some raw video from the site:


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  • Richard John Jordan

    Oh my god! glad that nobody hurts on that incident but it was a big damage to a store.Oh my god! glad that nobody hurts on that incident but it was a big damage to a store.

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