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Boozey Brooklyn Prosecutor Jailed After Assaulting EMT

Sent to Jail, Directly to Jail Without Passing GO

MICHAEL JACCARINO, 30, IS AN assistant district attorney in the Brooklyn DA's office, but his career is on hold today following his arrest Saturday morning for assaulting a city EMT.

NY Post / Farrington

The ambulance had been dispatched around 1 am for a "highly-intoxicated man" on the Brooklyn Bridge.  The ambulance crew found Jaccarino weaving along the pedestrian walkway near the Manhattan side and stopped to talk to him.  After getting his agreement to transport him to the hospital for care, they put him in the back of the ambulance where the EMT Teresa Charry-Soler, 46, secured him to the bench seat with the safety belt.  The New York Times continues:

As the ambulance was taking Mr. Jaccarino to Beth Israel Medical Center, the police said, he began unstrapping a belt that secured him inside the vehicle. When an emergency medical technician tried to restrain him, a police spokesman said, he struck her "in the right side of the face." A moment later, the police spokesman added, "he holds her down by choking her."

The technician suffered bruises to her right cheek, right wrist and chest, the police said.

Mr. Jaccarino, 30, was charged with assault, criminal obstruction of breathing, menacing and harassment.

Jaccarino has been suspended from his job in the DA's office pending the outcome of the investigation into the attack.  The Brooklyn DA and Fire Commissioner Salvatore Cassano have been pushing to make assaults against all uniformed workers, including EMS, a felony.  If Jaccarino is convicted he will lose not only his job, but his license to practice law as well.

The New York Post adds:

Charry-Soler was treated at Beth Israel Hospital for a black eye and bruises on her neck and chest, said Israel Miranda, president of the EMTs union.

"She couldn’t pass air and thought she was going to die," Miranda said. "She’s very distraught. She did nothing to excite such a reaction."

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Comments - Add Yours

  • Ritt


  • John Miller

    I hope she can move past this, as we need people with her resolve and willingness to help. On the flip side, they should place this turd in a cell with Bubba, so that he can appreciate the feeling of helplessness.

  • beck

    Ive been in EMS 22 years and have been assalted and groped my fair share of times. I glad that they are takeing the sort of abuse we often recieve serious but him losing his livelyhood excessive.

    • mr618

      Not excessive at all. As an ADA, he is supposed to represent and uphold the law, and serve as a deterrent to criminal behavior, not to mention that he is an officer of the court. They are both government employees, and Ms. Charry-Soler has the right not to be assaulted by some jerk who is supposed to be on her side.
      Besides, if the EMT had assulted the ADA, you KNOW the ADA would have been screaming for the EMT to lose her medical license.
      Freakin’ lawyers (with the exception of Curt Varone, of course). This Jaccassarino (great coinage, Ritt!) probably thinks that as an ADA, he’s above the law.