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Morning Lineup – November 12

Monday Morning – The Coffee's Always On

Have any of you been watching the new tv series Chicago Fire?  I read the other day that the NBC network has gone ahead and committed showing the full first-season's run for the rest of this viewing year.  After a bit of a shaky start, the program has been showing a regular increase in viewers strong enough to give the network confidence that it will be a reliable draw.

After the first episode ran we saw the usual griping on the forums and social sites that the show is hokey and unrealistic.  But those are from people who forget that it isn't a training program for firefighters, but is designed to be entertaining for the populace as a whole.  It's a tv show, for gosh sakes.  They're always hokey and written up to follow a story line meant to hold your interest.  So instead of being critical of how realistic the incidents are, just enjoy the stories (if they are well-written).

I didn't watch the first episode when it came on, but I did grab it with my DVR cable box, as well as the following shows and viewed it later when I could fast-forward through the intolerable commercials.  Sure enough, that first episode was a little over-the-top silly, but keep in mind that the first episode of any series is dedicated to setting up the characters of the series and their interactions with each other.  And this show has a LOT of primary characters, so the potential story lines are rich.  The show is based on the firefighters and paramedics stationed in a big house that has an engine, truck, squad and ambulance.  Oh, yes… the batt. chief has his office there, too.

After getting through that first episode, keeping those previous caveats in mind, I have been enjoying the subsequent episodes, always fast-forwarding the commercial breaks of course.  It is more of a soap opera style of program with definite threads running through the episode tying them together as problems crop up, are handled, then eventually solved over the span of 2 or 3 or 4 episodes.  And with about 20 people milling about the apparatus bay, there are plenty of problems that need solving.  You can tell that the producers and writers are sticklers for detail because when the camera takes you into the kitchen, you will notice that they have an always-on Bunn-O-Matic there!

(don't know about that de-caf, though)

Time for us to mill about our own apparatus now and get the equipment checked out for today.  You know where I'm heading, so we'll meet later back in the day room.

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