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Shipboard Haz-Mat Fire Training in Italy

Multi-Agency Training Evolution

ON OCTOBER 30 IN SALERNO, ITALY, a full-scale training program was held including the provincial command of Salerno, the port authority, the maritime pollution control authority and the Vigili del Fuoco (fire brigade).

all photos via Vigili del Fuoco

The operating scenario opened with the respone for an accidental spillage of marine fuel during bunkering operations from a barge to a ship at berth which carries out regular service between the port of Salerno and to Messina.  Following the accident, the captain of the barge raised the alarm at the situation centre of the Harbour, which then alerted all agencies. Next they alerted the aerial component of VVF Pontecagnano to maintain eye contact from the top of the area and intervene in case of fire and rescue any survivors.

During the anti-pollution operations, it was reported a fire on board the ship. That immediately alerted the firefighters of the city located closest to the exercise.
After arriving at the scene of the fire, the firefighters, accompanied by the second officer, entered in the hold of the ship and reached the area of the fire. Meanwhile the Commander declared the abandonment of the ship.

*  *  *

The Vigili del Fuoco, along with the ship's firefighting personnel, identified the sector concerned by the flames and began shutting down operations.  Meanwhile, it had rescued a sailor who was involved in the accident.

The purpose of the exercise was to "test the operational plan, check the efficiency of organizing plan, verify the operating room efficiencies, test the timing of intervention and training of the crews". At the end of operations, was held at the Conference Room of the harbour a debriefing with all representatives of institutions who participated in the exercise.

Reported by the Vigili del Fuoco National WEBSITE.

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