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Drunk-Driving Doctor Goes Airborne – Demolishes Cars

Hospital Privileges Have Been Suspended

A WELLESLEY, MASSACHUSETTS, EMERGENCY ROOM DOCTOR  was arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs Tuesday.  Dr. Kristen Howard was behind the wheel of her SUV Friday when it sailed out of a parking lot, up a grass embankment, went briefley airborne and crashed into a car, pushing it into a truck.

Wellesley Police image

The street collision was just the final cruncher following a "wheel of terror" in the parking lot.  The Boston Globe tells us:

On Friday morning at around 8:45 a.m., Howard was driving her Subaru Outback west through the Washington Street Whole Foods parking lot when she allegedly struck a Whole Foods delivery truck, according to Wellesley Police spokeswoman Lieutenant Marie Cleary. She then allegedly backed up and hit a fence, drove forward, and then drove backwards again, hitting the fence again.

She then allegedly accelerated and drove her car into a decorative granite post, said Cleary, snapping the post in half and sending the top half sailing across to the opposite side of State Street. The crash sent Howard’s car airborne, and she allegedly sideswiped a tree before hitting a Mercury Marquis at the traffic lights on State Street.

The collision sent the Grand Marquis into the opposite travel lane, where it struck a trailer towed by a dump truck, said Cleary. The driver of the Marquis sustained injuries that were not believed to be life threatening, said Clearly, and he was taken to Newton-Wellesley Hospital, and later released.

Police found multiple types of narcotics in her possession and in her car, said Cleary. They were prescription pills, she said, though she did not specify what kind of pills.  Howard was charged with driving under the influence of liquor, driving under the influence of drugs, operating recklessly so as to endanger, leaving the scene of property damage, leaving an accident scene after property damage, and possession of both Class C and Class E narcotics.

Dr. Howard  (ABC News)

Dr. Howard pleaded not guilty at yesterday's arraignment and was scheduled to return to court on January 7 for a pre-trial hearing.  Her privileges at Newton-Wellesley Hospital have been suspended pending an internal investigation.

The Wellesley Police Department released the video taken by a traffic monitoring camera that shows the final collision:


It repeats in slow-motion.

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